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Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu martial art from Japan

Budo Taijutsu is a combative (as apposed to sport) martial art system from Japan with authentic roots dating back several hundred years. Headed by grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, the Bujinkan is comprised of nine separate ryu-ha or martial art traditions of the Japanese Ninja & Samurai. The Abby BTSD is an accredited Bujinkan dojo located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. We are under the direction of shihan Philip Legare, who currently resides in Yokota AFB, Japan.

The Bujinkan Dojo consists of nine Japanese martial traditions to provide for an extensive classical warrior's education. If you are unfamiliar with our martial art, we hope you browse a while and perhaps learn something of interest. In the Bujinkan, everything from unarmed self-protection to the use of any conceivable weapon, from development of personal character to the use of psychology is part of the training. If you are interested in studying this beautiful martial art, please contact us by email or phone (see below).

Training Schedule

               What's New at the Abby BTSD?

Tuesday evenings 7 to 9:30pm

We are a private martial arts club, and training is by personal reference or invitation only. Individuals interested in becoming new students may possibly be accepted after a personal interview. Sorry, just too many weirdoes out there. Please be aware, only those of 19 years of age and older, and free of a criminal record will be considered.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

Those interested in training are invited to contact shihan Chris Taylor.

However, a few important notes

Firstly, be a little internet savvy - put a subject in your email message, otherwise my SPAM filter will just delete your message.

Secondly, seriously people... please thoughtfully consider whether you are interested in actual training before emailing or phoning. Training means that you will have to physically come to the dojo. Please don't waste your own time, or mine with the mental equivalent of tire kicking. The class schedule is posted. Can you make the time in your life for the classes?

OK, small RANT here ... If the most important question on your mind is, "How much are classes?", please - don't even bother to call. Because to have your first and most important question to be about the financial costs is not only a little rude but it also tells me that you are just not very serious in your interest. To ask such a question tells me that you are mainly looking for an excuse as to why you cannot train with us, it implies that the quality of the training and instruction must be secondary to you. These things (obviously, I hope) can only be determined by experiencing the class. What if I said, "It's only $1 per year" but what I teach you is not only useless, but liable to get you killed. Or, maybe the training is really not much more than ritualized abuse! (By the way, both of these situations are sadly common in martial arts instruction.) Or maybe it's really expensive, but I'll turn you into Bruce Lee in 6 months. Which is the better deal? Maybe you need to figure that out before you decide it fits into your allowance. <rant off>

Telephone at (604) 308-8083

or by Email Here

This website is getting pretty old. I needed to change the host twice in the last year and am left realizing it needs a lot of updating.  Hopefully I can find the time to make it pretty!

Congrats to my friend and long time student Carson for his flawless godan test during our trip to hombu dojo this past September. Carson continues to divide time with us here in Abbotsford and his home in Nelson and will be soon running his own Bujinkan dojo as well as helping us out here. Greg, a student of mine that now lives and trains in Whitehorse YK, also accompanied us to Japan in September and was awarded his 2nd degree blackbelt.  Gambatte kudasai!

We are back indoors for the darker winter months for safety's sake. We'll have to put the bigger long-range weapons away for a while but should still have lots of fun playing with and exploring some ideas and concepts I was exposed to while in Japan in September. Soke and the various senior instructors put great emphasis on the use of  kiyojutsu to subtly affect your opponent and defeat them through the use of natural movement and misdirection. This will take some time to understand, but it will be a fascinating study!

That said : 

The great outdoors is often our dojo for the summer months. It's way less stuffy and it gives us the opportunity to follow in the spirit of Shinden Fudo Ryu, to utilize nature and be at one with the elements. What good are rolls, breakfalls and combat skills if you cannot put them to use outside of a padded dojo? We also get an opportunity to do a little more conditioning and exercise with parkland as our gymnasium. Nothing like a little "ninjer-cise"...

We also attend Whytecliffe Park sessions. All Bujinkan members are welcome to attend these free events. This is an opportunity for buyu to come together to share training and friendship and build the strength of the Bujinkan Dojo. Contact Davidd for more information. There are none on the calendar at the moment as there are so many training events the next few weeks.

I have finally updated the "Links" Page on the website. It was in rough shape for awhile. I'm no HTML coder, but I think it all works now. If you find a broken link, please let me know. Also, I'm happy to post a link to any local legitimate Bujinkan training group.

                           Old Events and News

Shihan Shawn Gray will be visiting with us again in early January 2018.  The topic of study has yet to be announced, but it is certain be another excellent weekend. A formal announcement is forthcoming.

The Kunoichi Project occurred on the week of September 21st and 22nd in 2013. It was the fourth year of celebrating and investigating women in outdoor budo and other tactical training exercises. The Namiyama dojo hosted the event. The week ended with culminate with a seminar open to both men and women and featured 3 senior female Bujinkan practitioners. Read more here.

Sakura no Kaze, our own Canadian West Coast TaiKai and was held the long weekend in May 2013 on the 18h & 19th of May. Shawn Gray and Bill Brown both Japan resident Canadians shared the highlights of hombu training from spring of this year. It was a really good session and we were glad to host such wonderful people and instructors for the 4th year. 

Duncan Stewart was in town & hosted by Mike Smith of the Namiyama dojo. I was only able to take in a few hours this time, but it was awe inspiring and humbling. If half of us trained like Duncan, the word "ninjer" would never have appared on Bullshido...

Shihan Legare was in town for the weekend of July 20th to 22nd 2012. Once again, it was AWESOME! Thanks to shihan Paul Mann for putting it together!

In June 2012 on the 16th and 17, shihan Rob Renner was in town to provide his unique take on kinetics and movement in the art of Bujinkan budo taijutsu. Practical hints on proper distancing, how to walk and the concept of shiho dori were fundamental but valuable elements of the seminar. Thanks to Sadie Smith for putting this together.

The Abby BTSD hosted Sakura no Kaze for the third time! It took place May 12th and 13th at the Justice Institute of BC and should hopefully continue as an annual event a West Coast Canadian TaiKai. Instructors Craig Olson, Bill Brown and Shawn Gray presided. I have some limited video from hte even I hope to make available to participants.

The Heisei dojo hosted Kacem Zhougari on the weekend of April 7th & 8th 2012 in New Westminster. The focus was on Shinden Fudo Ryu, bojutsu, and tantojutsu. It was a great time, and mind was sufficiently blown while my body tried to accomplish the impossible!

The Namiyama dojo hosted an overnight tactical camping adventure at the end of summer!  It took place in the backcountry, in the mountains of the Sunshine Coast. Following this was a two-day seminar with 3 world-renowned jugodans at Whytecliff Park, in Horseshoe Bay, just around the corner from North Vancouver, BC.

Gift from Hatsumi sensei

I had the opportunity to return to Japan in November to renew my spirit, meet old friends and make some new ones. Thanks go to Mark and Carson for keeping things running so well while I was away! Here is a cool gift Hatsumi Sensei painted for my son - its a Ranchu goldfish, a type of which he is very fond.