Ninja and Samurai Martial Arts
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Shihan Legare Seminar

Shihan Phillip Legare was here in Abbotsford October 23rd/24th 2010 for a seminar focussing on Tachi and Jo of Kukishinden Ryu as well as some Shinken Taijutsu.

Sakura no Kaze

Cherry Blossom Wind is the theme for our springtime seminar featuring Canadian shihan Shawn Gray and Bill Brown. The date is May 14th &15th 2011. Hope to see you there! We did this last year for the first time, and it was a tremendous success.

I have a TON of recent photos, including my last two trips to Japan and several seminars. BUT. I've got no room to post it here. Sorry. Come out to a class and I'll be glad to show you. Or check my FaceBook page.